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Dr. Davidson directs the Sleep Therapy Service within the Psychology Clinic at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This is a training clinic for graduate students in Clinical Psychology. In the Sleep Therapy Service, we help people with sleep problems, most often insomnia. People with nightmare disorder or delayed sleep wake phase disorder are sometimes also seen.

With Dr. Davidson’s supervision, trainees provide sleep consultations and cognitive behavioural treatment for individuals. The clinic sometimes offers group programs, involving 5-6 sessions, for people with insomnia. A special program for school teachers with insomnia is offered most summers.

Referrals: A health care professional can make the referral, or clients can refer themselves. The referral form in here.

Payment: There is a sliding scale for fee payment. Please see the website for further information.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sleep Therapy Service is primarily offered through telepsychology (videoconference). The service is available to clients who are living in Ontario.