Baseline Representative Night
  1. I went to bed at:
(clock time)
  1. I turned out the lights after:
  1. I fell asleep in:
  1. I woke up ___ times during the night.
  1. The total duration of these awakenings was:
  1. After awakening for the last time I was in bed for:
  1. I got up at:
(clock time)
Calculations A B C
Total Time in Bed Total Time Awake Total Sleep Time
† For example, if you were in bed for 8 hours and 20 minutes, this is the same as 8 x 60 + 20 minutes = 500 minutes. Time between your bedtime (#1) and rise time (#7).

Convert hours to minutes by multiplying by 60

Add the numbers above in this column. A minus B
(minutes) (minutes) (minutes)
Sleep Efficiency
C/A x 100%
My sleep efficiency is