Help for Teachers with Insomnia

We are offering a special Summer Sleep Program for teachers in the Kingston, Ontario area. It was very successful last year, and so much fun!

Insomnia Treatment Program starting soon

Help for insomnia! For folks in Kingston who are struggling with trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, the Psychology Clinic at Queen’s Sleep Therapy Service has another insomnia treatment program starting soon. The 5-session program begins on February 21 at…

Stats Can reports shows insomnia rates are rising

On December 19, Statistics Canada released a report indicating that the prevalence of insomnia symptoms is increasing among adults in Canada. I spoke to CBC Radio about this. Listen here.

Talking to Queen’s University Family Medicine

I presented this week on Tuesday at Family Medicine Grand Rounds. The topic was Treating Insomnia in Primary Care.  Thank you to the Department of Family Medicine and to the Queen’s Family Health Team for the invitation. I really enjoy…

Talking with family physicians about CBT-I

Last week I “appeared” at a continuing education event for primary care physicians at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Dr. David Gardner had pre-recorded a conversation with me about CBT-I.  It is 10 minutes long and I talk about sleep restriction,…

Teachers’ Summer Sleep Camp

We are providing a special 5-session workshop-style program for teachers who have insomnia. I spoke about it on CBC’s All in a Day. You can listen to the 7-minute interview here.  And here is the poster: Teachers Sleep Poster 2018…

Turning our clocks back

The good thing about returning to standard time is it’s more likely to be light when we wake up now — at least for a few days!  I talked with Julie Brown of CKWS The Morning Show on Monday. You…

Half of Canadians are not satisfied with their sleep

An article, released yesterday, looks at the sleep of Canadians and finds that about half of us have sleep problems. and 22% have insomnia-type complaints.  I spoke with CBC Health about these data.