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Our article on CBT-I just released!

Our article on the CBT-I program has just been published online.  Click here to read it! The photo shows how I like to do my editing (taken last fall while working on this very paper). Luxury!

Canadian Sleep Society meeting – Here I come!

I’m excited to be on my way to Calgary for the Canadian Sleep Society conference.  Looking forward to meeting a bunch of Albertan psychologists for the workshop on Assessment and Treatment of Insomnia!  There will be lot of other scientific…

Restless legs – a common sleep disorder

Yes, even though the annoying sensation of restless legs occurs while you’re awake, it is considered a sleep disorder. I review the phenomenon of “restless legs syndrome” and treatments for it — in the Globe and Mail.

Short days, long nights

It’s normal to sleep more when the nights are dark and long. This is the time of the year (near the winter solstice) when daylight is the most limited to those of us in northern parts of the world.  The…

CBT-I Workshop at Queen’s

Looking forward to presenting a full day workshop on CBT for Insomnia for psychologists and psychologists-in-training at Queen’s University on Friday Dec 11.  I’m really excited!!!  Thank you to the Queen’s Psychology Clinic for organizing this.  

Dalhousie University Dept of Psychiatry

I really enjoyed visiting the Dept of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University in Halifax earlier this week. People are enthused about CBT-I. Also, while out walking we discovered that the beautiful new public library has copies of Sink into Sleep!  Nice…

Racing thoughts keeping you awake?

One of the most common and annoying companions of insomnia: the racing mind. My suggestions and ideas for what to do about it here. Published online at the Globe and Mail this week. You’ll understand why the squirrel is here.

Peter Trueman is sleeping better

In his column Brain Waves in Kingston’s Vista magazine, Peter Trueman describes how he’s sleeping better. He’s using Sink into Sleep!  Nice synopsis of the techniques and his experience. Here’s his story. Peter Trueman in Vista re Sink into Sleep…

Drowsy driving = crash hazard

We all have found ourselves at one time or another fighting off sleepiness as we drive.  After doing some research in this area with Dr. Alistair MacLean, I understand now that sleepiness behind the wheel is a crash hazard.  The…